Consumer Health

Wide spectrum of Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications and nutritional supplements

Consumer Health is one of the leading suppliers of non-prescription healthcare products including food supplements. Consumer Health currently occupies the top three ranking in the global consumer health and wellness market. Some of the most trusted and recognizable brands in the world today come from the Bayer product portfolio. Consumer Health manufactures and markets Bayer Aspirin®, the world's best-known pain-reliever. In addition, the Bayer portfolio includes Alka-Seltzer® and Canesten®.


A significant milestone was the acquisition of Roche Consumer Health in 2005. This alignment towards consumer health is supported by the tendency for patients to self-medicate, based on prior experience, by selecting their own drug products to prevent and treat minor health problems, and to lead healthier lifestyles. The new combined product portfolio includes such well-known brands as Canesten®, Alka-Seltzer®, Bayer Aspirin®, Bepanthen®, Berocca®, CDR®, Redoxon®, Vapex®, Zam-Buk®, CDR Fortos® both chewable, and the effervescent tablet.


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