Social Responsibility

One of key elements of Bayer's corporate policy

Bayer supports educational material at Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital (2015)

Bangkok - The Country Manager of Bayer Environment Science, Piya Pisalnoradej, recently presented the apartment model to support the education on how to conduct effective cockroach control and contribute to reduce the allergy problem causing by cockroach of patients to Associate Professor Soranit Siltharm, M.D, Ph.D, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital to educate the medical students of Department of Parasitology at the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital.

Bayer Care for Elephants (2012-2013)

Bayer Thai Co., Ltd. donated cash and leading products for animal health to the Phra Kochabaan Foundation, an elephant foundation in Ayutthaya that is engaged in helping and conserving elephants. The donation of cash and medicine to the Phra Kochabaan Foundation is part of a two-year program "Bayer Cares for Elephants" aimed at promoting the welfare of the Foundation's elephants.

“What’s up with the earth?” Children book (2012 - 2014)

Bayer Thai distributed 35,000 copies of “What’s Up with the Earth?” to Children Foundation for nationwide distribution to children in remote schools. Bayer’s children book in Thai version has been published with hope that Thai children will find the book a creative, fun and interesting way to learn about the causes of climate change and how they can take steps every day to help mitigate the effects of climate change. Moreover, Bayer Thai also coordinated with Tungmahamek School and Piboon Prachabarn School to support the environmental education for children in Thailand.

Bayer Teacher Voluntary Project (2012 - present)

Bayer Thai has a highly concern about the quality of life in the nearby communities. To fulfill this goal, Bayer Teacher Voluntary Project was initiated to encourage the employees to be voluntary teachers in order to support and to leverage the quality of academic in the neighborhood schools.

Science For Smilling Kids Program (2013-present)

Bayer Thai organized the activity; Science For Smiling Kids, to help the students realize that science is truly all around them as well as to increase awareness about science and to support science education in remote and impoverish areas. The idea behind this activity is to trigger the school children's interest in science through hands-on experiments. Among various activity booths, the students had the opportunity to experience real science under expert supervision.

Bayer Donates a First Aid Room Incorporating its High-Tech Materials (2014)

Bayer Thai collaborated with Square Panel and hand together to build houses using innovative materials for traditional markets and inclusive business initiative for underserved communities. The school’s first aid room is a stand-alone building built by Bayer Thai and Square Panel, using polyurethane foam as an insulating material. The design of the first aid room improves resistance to noise and heat, thus making the room very energy-efficient and comfortable.