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Bayer names 'Marian Rivera' in new TVC commercial

Goal set to prop up the antifungal drug market

  • The model's health consciousness is expected to boost sales of its antifungal drugs
  • TV commercial to be released across Asia


Bayer Thai Co., Ltd. recently released a new TV commercial, banking on the cheerful look and health-conscious image of young Spanish-Filipino model 'Marian Rivera'. A antifungal cream is launched concurrently to tackle skin infections widespread among enthusiastic exercisers.

The new commercial presenting treatments for fungal skin infections features 'Marian Rivera', the Spanish-Filipino entertainment celebrity famed for her roles in movies and TV series as well as world-class modeling for FHM Magazine.

The commercial was first aired in Thailand and will reach millions of viewers across Asia, targeting persons developing fungal skin infections like rash and Hong Kong foot. They are encouraged to apply treatment creams on the infected spots for effective results.

Fungal skin infections often occur as more people live a new lifestyle: most Thai teenagers and adults are enticed to exercise moderately and heavily at fitness centers or open-air venues. Due to poor care or ignorance, sweat-caused dampness coupled with tropical climate may lead to skin infections around feet, hands or body including common diseases and illnesses during the rainy season like Hong Kong foot.

"Bayer believes that the commercial featuring Marian Rivera will draw our targets who are drawn to adventurous activities particularly enthusiastic male exercisers. They may feel itching due to sweat-soaked clothes or shoes and this may lead to fungal infections like ringworm or tinea versicolor. We believe that our target customers will remember our drug and seek consultation with pharmacists for their own treatments."