Companion Animals

Companionship for Animal Life

Dogs, cats and other small animals are human companions, and the part they play as they accompany us through life is growing in significance. They receive special attention in clinical practice: in view of the emotional ties that people have to them but also their close relationship to the family. We know pets are often viewed as family members and pet parents expect the same quality of health care for their four-legged friends as they want for themselves. Therefore, Bayer is focused on discovering new and innovative ways to help protect the health of pets.


It also protects humans from the transmission of disease pathogens. Increasingly, animal lovers are coming to expect the same quality of health care for their four-legged friends that they can claim for themselves.


Bayer is amongst the leaders worldwide. Bayer has attained this leadership position by continuously researching and developing products for animal health. Bayer responds to those demands with ever new and more innovative products in order to safeguard both their well-being and that of their owners.


As a result, Bayer is a leading provider of parasite solutions for cats and dogs. Bayer achieved a key breakthrough in this area with the launch of innovative spot-on technology. With spot-on formulations, a small amount of liquid product is applied to skin on the animal's back, to provide appropriate dosing and convenience to pet owners.